Advanced Cosmetology Courses

For Cosmetologists, licensed & currently enrolled students with 500+ hours

Custom Wig Making

This is a six hour training class that includes a wig kit with essential materials such as a canvas head, vendors, thread, needles, bundles, closure, a wig starter kit, measuring tape, t-pins, and more. Overall, this class seems like a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in becoming proficient in wig making and starting a wig making business. If you're passionate about the craft and willing to invest time and effort, this class could be a great way to enhance your wig making skills. Students will learn how to create a custom wig via hand sewing and with a sewing machine (demonstration only). The curriculum covers various aspects of wig making, from foundational techniques to more advanced skills.

hair bundles for wings
hair bundles for wings

More classes coming soon!